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Jace + Avary | White Sparrow Wedding Photography, Dallas, TX

This past summer was such a special one for us at Square 8. We captured wedding photos for church friends, more church friends, TCU friends, and friends from our community group. That last group is where I met today's bride, Avary. We've been holding out on sharing her gorgeous wedding photos til now, because Avary had a dream for her photos that took us beyond her wedding day... and WOWZA was it worth it!

Many of our couples love to go back out after their wedding for a "Next Day Adventure Session" with us. It's relaxed, a ton of fun, and we can go literally ANYWHERE for the perfect shot!

For Avary and her husband, Jace, that perfect location was the White Sparrow Barn.

So after the dust had settled from their beautiful wedding day with friends and family, and after the newlyweds had packed in all the adventure they could muster on their European honeymoon, Jace polished his shoes. Prepped his dapper blue suit. Avary slipped back in to her stunning wedding dress. And together, they headed back out with us for one final wedding adventure together.

To watch them, weeks after their wedding, you'd think it was their wedding day all over again.

The magic was just. That. Strong.

He grinned from ear to ear when he saw her. He pulled her close. Tears of joy streaming down her face, Avary locked her gaze on her husband, and then settled lovingly into his arms. And they danced. Twirled. Spun. Laughed.

They celebrated the joy of a beautiful new beginning as husband and wife.

Avary, for as long as I've known you, you've set the bar for yourself and those around you to the highest standard. And when I first met Jace, it was clear he was gonna be the one to not just match that standard, but set a new one for the life of ahead of you. It has been a joy to watch your relationship unfold over these years, and incredible to see just how much better the two of you are together!

Wishing you both all the best on the lifetime of adventures that lie ahead! Congratulations... we love you guys!


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