• Rob Greene

Sam + Alexis | A Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Clouds were rapidly rolling in. Winds were picking up. In the distance, heavy rains could be seen making their way across the Texas plains.

I turned back around to see Sam and Alexis, newly married, surrounded by all their nearest and dearest. It was time to take family photos, and none of us knew how long we had before these gusts of wind blew those heavy rains right over us at Dove Ridge Vineyard. We also had no idea how long the rain would stay once it got here. We needed to make a decision, and fast.

Luckily, Alexis was not only a stunning bride, she was absolute grace under pressure!

After a quick pow-wow with the newlyweds, we modified our photo list for larger family groupings, which left us with just enough time to sneak in some photos of Sam and Alexis too, getting everyone inside just before the downpour began. And good gracious it came down!

But then, something beautiful happened.

While the couple enjoyed their new-found time with their family and friends, the skies began to part, making way for a truly glorious sunset, just in time to go out and take a few more photos in the vineyard. And as the couple made their way back up to join family and friends, a most beautiful gift appeared in the sky: a rainbow!

Sam and Alexis, where do I even begin with you two? From the moment we first hung out for your engagement session (when the Christmas parade traffic all around downtown delayed your arrival), you guys have been the EPITOME of FLEXIBILITY!!! I love how laser-focused you two are on your faith and your relationship, yet you're both so willing and eager to bend and flex as needed to make the most of any situation. That quality served you well on wedding day, but it will serve you BEAUTIFULLY in your marriage! Thank you for allowing us to weather the storms with you on wedding day! Praying that every time you see your rainbow kiss, you're reminded of God's promises to you, and your promises to each other!

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