• Rob Greene

Caleb + Elexus | Portland, OR Wedding

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The sun was setting over Mount Hood. Soft clouds filled the sky. The sounds of birds filled the air as the two lovers stepped out into the fresh mountain air. Caleb reached back into his car. He pulled out a box. It had never been opened before. His heart raced with excitement. Across the car, his new bride, Elexus, grinned. With each layer of the box that was peeled back, her smile widened. A sense of anticipation filled their hearts as Caleb removed the contents of the box to reveal...

...a portable propane grill.

If you know Caleb and Elexus, you know their hearts are most fully alive in the middle of the great outdoors. It was only fitting then, that the day after their wedding, they wanted to meet back up for a "Next-Day Adventure" with us – Caleb looking dapper in his uniform, and Elexus radiant in her wedding dress, her long vail blowing in the wind.

But if you know Caleb and Elexus, you also know that they love community and live lives full of generosity. This was abundantly clear all weekend long, as the couple and their families hosted gathering upon gathering for friends and family who had traveled from all over to celebrate, and it was true in the quietness of this moment. These two couldn't just drive out to Trillium Lake at the base of Mount Hood and take pictures. That would have been too transactional. So they brought a grill. And supplies to make dinner. And before we took a single photo that evening, we sat at the edge of the lake with the bride and groom, soaking in the aftermath of their glorious wedding day just hours prior, eating burgers. Laughing. Watching as these two young lovers, these newlyweds whose hearts had just become united as one in marriage, embraced the reality that after months of dating from opposite sides of the country, their hearts were HOME.



And Forever.

Caleb and Elexus, thank you for allowing us to walk this road with you, from the early stages of your relationship through wedding day and beyond. From Caleb's surprise Valentine's visit during your senior year at TCU, to our weekend getaway in Arizona for your engagement photos, you two are one of the most adventurous and fun-loving couples we know! It was such a joy all weekend long to listen to friends and family celebrate your character and Christ-centeredness as individuals, and we are praying that those qualities will be the hallmark of your life together in the years ahead! Thanks again... we love you guys!!!

The OUTSTANDING Vendor Team:

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