• Rob Greene

Justin + Sayre | A Milestone Wedding, Denton, TX

Three women. Three generations. Three gift bags sitting before them. They reached in to the bags in unison, first pulling out the tissue paper that adorned the top of each bag. Then the gift. Their jaws dropped. The 3 women sat their in silence. Stunned. Speechless. Then came the tears. Sayre's grandmother, mother, and sister smiled, cried, and hugged each other and the bride.

The gift inside each bag was a piece of glass, housing a single blue fabric heart. That heart was cut from a piece of Sayre's grandfather, "Papa's", favorite shirt. It was one he wore often, and clearly and instantly resonated with each of the women the moment they saw it.

Stitched on to each heart were the words, "Papa: Always in our Hearts."

The women laughed, cried, and hugged some more as the weight of this beautiful gift settled in.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Sayre's dashing groom, Justin, had gifts of his own for his parents: a letter for his father, and for his mom, a frame with a note from her son, and a placeholder for an image of the two of them to be captured on her son's wedding day.

This is why we love what we do. Wedding days are so special. And when we get to serve AMAZING, THOUGHTFUL couples like Justin and Sayre, couples who recognize their day is about so much more than them, it takes the magic of wedding day to a whole new level.

Justin and Sayre, thanks for inviting us to be a part of this journey with you. You guys were such a JOY to get to know and serve over the past year! Justin, I have so much respect for the way you put Sayre's needs and desires above your own. Sayre, from our time with you as a Theta at TCU we knew you were amazing, but then when we got to see you with Justin... wow. The love you have for him just RADIATES from you at all times, and even more when you're with him! (It's almost like you had a crush on him in elementary school, and that love has just been growing ever since!) We are so excited for you two, and the incredible journey God has in store for you as a married couple. Thanks again for letting us be a part of your Big Day... we love you guys!

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