• Rob Greene

Trevor + Heidi | A #BlessABride Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

The night was almost over. Guests anxiously awaited the couple outside, sparklers in hand. The sounds of what had just moments before been an epic dance party, had now been replaced by an exhausted-but-satisfied quiet, the exhale of a wedding day nearing its close. In the stillness of it all, the groom emerged from the back hallway of Dove Ridge Vineyard, his bride still inside prepping herself to depart.

He walked up to me. Threw his arms around me. Started to cry. Two words were all it took before we both had tears in our eyes:

"Thank you."

From the beginning, Square 8 Studio has been about helping people. Never has that been more clearly demonstrated than through our #BlessABride Weddings. The average wedding in America costs around $28,000 these days, and we wanted to help out couples who are making a difference in the world by offering our services at no cost for their wedding. We started in 2017 with a free wedding film, and continued last year with free photo AND video services.

This year, though, was unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Trevor and Heidi, our newest #BlessABride Couple

In case you missed the back story, check out Trevor and Heidi's engagement, where we had the honor of not only capturing the beauty of their special moment, but also surprising them with the news that not only would they be receiving wedding photos and a wedding video from Square 8 Studio, but NINE OTHER VENDORS – covering everything from their venue, to their florals, to the coffee served at their reception – also wanted to join in blessing this couple with free and discounted services!!!

To see the humility and joy on Trevor and Heidi's faces when we shared this news with them made my heart melt. To see the shock and delight on their families' faces when we shared the news with them later that night at the couple's engagement party rocked my world. And to see it all come together... to see so many incredibly talented wedding vendors, some of the very best in their respective fields, pour their heart and soul in to making this couple's Big Day every bit as magical as the wildest dreams they'd been dreaming of... it took my breath away all day long!

But then, in the quietness of that moment at the end of the night... that brief moment of stillness between the raucous dance party and the couple's triumphant exit... to see and hear and feel the gratitude of a bride and groom wrapped up in one big hug on their way out the door... well that's the kind of moment in life you never, EVER forget.

Trevor and Heidi, THANK YOU for the honor of capturing your Big Day. Trevor, your best man, Sam summed you up so well when he said, "it doesn't matter how good of a friend you are to him, or how you treat him, or how big your ask is, if you need Trevor, he's there." And your officiant, Nate summed up y'all's relationship as a couple so brilliantly when he noted that, "you both have this sense of 'I'll pour out everything in me to bless someone else.'" Couples like you guys are why we do what we do. We love to bless people who are giving their lives to bless people, and we are thrilled to have been able to walk alongside the two of you and your families during this special season!

On behalf of the entire #BlessABride vendor team... WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

The LEGENDARY Vendor Team:

(Note: #BlessABride Vendors donated the services in part or in whole)

📸: Square 8 Studio - #BlessABride

🎥: Square 8 Studio - #BlessABride

💒: Dove Ridge Vineyard - #BlessABride

📋: Melanie Shough - #BlessABride

💐: Albadahlia Floral - #BlessABride

🔊: DJ Michael Blake - #BlessABride

🍕: Gepetto's Pizza Truck

🎂: Sugar Social - #BlessABride

☕️: Night Owl Coffee Cart - #BlessABride

💄: Beauty by Megan Cheneweth - #BlessABride

💌: Nicole Pilgrim Designs - #BlessABride

💥: PrestoTechnics, LLC - #BlessABride

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