• Rob Greene

Trevor + Heidi: a #BlessABride Proposal Story

He stood confidently in the middle of the open field, watching his love as she made her way toward him. His friend played guitar in the background. But as she approached, all he could hear was the sound of his heart pounding in his chest. Several other friends had gathered in the distance to witness this holy moment, but he lost all concept of his surroundings the moment he saw her. His eyes – and his heart – were laser-focused on the beauty approaching him.

"Longest. Walk. Ever." He spoke quietly under his breath.

As she drew nearer, a million thoughts and feelings were running through her mind. Excitement. Joy. Anticipation. That "oh-my-gosh-this-is-what-I've-waited-my-whole-life-for" kind of nervous awe at what was unfolding before her very eyes. This man in front of her, this man she had grown to love and cherish, was about to invite her into a lifetime of love as husband and wife.

They embraced. A winter chill was in the air, but neither of them could feel it. The world stood still for Trevor and Heidi in that moment.

He reached for his pocket.

Pulled out a ring.

Took a knee.

"Heidi... Beth... Schulz... Will you marry me?"

And as she said "yes," and they stood up to embrace and kiss for the first time as an engaged couple, there was a sense of wonder in the air. A lifetime full of surprises and adventure awaited. Where would this love take them?

When it comes to surprises, Trevor and Heidi didn't have to wait very long.

In 2017, we decided to #BlessABride for the first time with a free wedding film. Last year, we went a step further, blessing a couple with photo, video, and design services for their Big Day.

In 2019, several of our amazing friends in the wedding community asked if they could jump in and #BlessABride with us... and of course, like Heidi, we said yes!

Trevor and Heidi, we are so grateful for the way you guys have dedicated your lives to blessing others – Heidi, through the gift of healing you bring to your patients' lives, and Trevor, through the sacrificial way you've raised your own salary to serve college students locally and globally the past several years. We are honored to walk with you through engagement season, and can't wait for your Big Day!

Check out the video above to see Trevor's picture-perfect proposal, as well as his and Heidi's reaction to the news that they were invited to be our newest #BlessABride couple! Photos from the proposal are below!


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