• Rob Greene

Garrett + Victoria | A Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The room was so silent you could hear a pin drop. Tucked away in a private quarters, away from the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, the groom stood with his back to his bride... so close he could feel her heart beat, yet completely unable to see her... nor she, him. The anticipation was driving Garrett wild, yet the mere sound of Victoria's voice overwhelmed his heart with a beautiful sense of peace. They were moments away from getting married, and the whirlwind of emotion in the room was palpable. Garrett reached back, offering Victoria his hand. She softly wiped tears from her cheeks, then placed her hand in his. They closed their eyes. Lowered their heads. In that moment, Garrett began praying over his bride and their future marriage, an act no-doubt engaged in throughout their relationship, but the gravity of their prayers in this holy, quiet moment before saying "I do" was powerful.

Garrett thanked God for his bride. He thanked God for overseeing and orchestrating each step that had brought them to this point, right down to their first meeting in grade school. It would be many years before God's ultimate purpose for Garrett and Victoria's relationship would be revealed to them, with a long and faith-building journey to bring them to this moment. There was much to be thankful for. Tears now streamed down both their faces as they prayed. It was as though all other emotions they'd been feeling coming in to this moment were eclipsed by an overwhelming sense of gratefulness for all God had done, and was about to do, in their lives. And it was a great reminder for everyone on our team that God truly does work all things together for our good, and His glory, in His perfect timing!

Garrett and Victoria, it was such an honor to capture this moment and so many others from your Big Day! Capturing weddings is always special for me, but doing so for friends takes it to a whole new level. Victoria, I'll never forget our years of leading a community group together, and watching your excitement and love for Garrett grow more and more in those early days as your relationship began to take shape. I'm so thrilled for the journey God has in store for you together, and I'm confident that this world will be a better place because of your marriage!

Congrats guys... love y'all!

The INCREDIBLE Vendor Team

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💒: Dove Ridge Vineyard

💐: Pick a Daisy

🎂: Cooper Street Bakery

🍗: The Patriotic Pig

🔊: DJ Matt Hunter

💄: Samantha Ferraro

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