• Rob Greene

Erin Moody | TCU Senior Photos

It's December graduate senior photo season, people! Senior photos are in full swing, and this week we have the privilege of featuring TCU Senior, Erin Moody!

When I first met Erin in 2018, the first thing I noticed was her absolutely magnetic smile! This girl is so full of joy and it absolutely radiates out of her everywhere she goes! Over the past two years, our paths have continued to cross at various Theta events, and I was so honored this summer when Erin applied to be a Campus Rep for her final semester at TCU!

Erin is graduating next week, and then headed off to Vanderbilt for the next chapter of her life, so of course we had to finish out her time at TCU with her senior photos!

Congratulations Erin! I'm so stinkin' proud of you, and honored to know you, friend!


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