• Rob Greene

Could you be the next Square 8 Studio Campus Rep?

For the past 4 years, we've teamed up with an eclectic and amazing group of guys and gals help spread the word about Square 8 Studio on the campus of TCU and through social media.

The Square 8 Studio Campus Rep Program is for TCU or KSU students (preferably seniors, but don't let that stop you!) looking to have an amazing experience with their friends that comes with built-in photo memories to commemorate your days in college!

All Square 8 Campus Reps:

  • Participate in 2-3 free photo shoots per semester with friends and loved ones!

  • Receive 1 year of discounted photo shoots after graduation (hello, discount wedding photos!)

  • Receive a Campus Rep Promo Code to offer discounts to their friends and followers!

  • Get a free PUPPY. Ok, that part's not true. But if you have a puppy, we'll totally take a sweet picture of it for you... like this one:

If you would like to be our next Campus Rep, you can apply here!



[ c ] 678-557-8865        [ e ] rob@square8studio.com

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