• Rob Greene

Senior Friend Session, Fort Worth, TX

What a whirlwind of a day! After a laaaaate night celebrating Chris + Rachel's Wedding, I woke up at 5:30 this morning to meet these 5 beautiful friends for a sunrise session in downtown Fort Worth!

Ellie, Sami, Erin, and Kate all wanted to do something special for their friend Madison (2nd from the right), who is graduating from TCU this month... and they came up with the perfect graduation present: a friend session with Square 8 Studio!

Madison was SUPER excited to say the least! This morning, we met up at the crack of dawn, none of us knowing what a crazy fun adventure through the empty streets of down Fort Worth awaited us!

Our team had so much fun with these girls, that this afternoon, we decided to surprise them with a SAME DAY EDIT - allowing Madison to see her photos before she graduates and heads off on the World Race for the next year! "I've never had a photographer like Square 8," Madison told us. "Y'all really made me feel like a princess! It was so fun!"

The girls just had their Reveal at our Clearfork offices earlier this evening, leaving behind a sweet note (and some REALLY sweet cookies! YUM!), so we wanted to share a few highlights from their morning!

If you are a senior or friend group looking for an amazing experience like Madison and her friends had, then schedule a call to book your session with us today!


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