• Rob Greene

Mackenzie Hozdic | TCU Senior Photos

To see this first picture of Mackenzie, you'd think she was straight out of Hollywood. To have a conversation with her, her thick southern drawl would quickly reveal her roots are found not in California, but Arkansas (the drawl mysteriously disappears on camera though! ha!).

Somewhere in the middle of her Hollywood glam look and her country bumpkin sound, you find the true Mackenzie Hozdic: one of the most lovable, hilarious, down-to-earth people you'll ever meet.

Mackenzie started out with us as a social media intern, but we quickly realized she was born to be in front of the camera, and not behind it! So, this January, after one of our December Grads wrapped up her time as a rep, I asked Mack if she would consider taking her place.

I'm so thankful she said yes!

Mackenzie, you have been such a constant source of joy and laughter this year! I admire your bold spirit and your carefree approach to life. Your authenticity is a breath of fresh air! Thanks for always being up for trying anything with our shoots, and always pushing me creatively! I'm a better person and photographer for knowing you, and am gonna miss the heck out of you next year!


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