• Rob Greene

Mackenzie Hozdic | Fort Worth Photography

This year, we're bringing on a few new friends to help us up our social media game. Heading up the crew will be our new Social Media Intern, Mackenzie Hozdic! Mackenzie is a HOOT y'all!!! She's got such a glamorous vibe about her you might think she's unapproachably cool, but you'd be oh-so-wrong... Mackenzie is a good-ol-fashioned country girl from Texarkana who never met a stranger! Her bold, tell-it-like-it-is conversational style and humor, all laced with a deep southern twang, had us in STITCHES from the moment we met her!

Here's a few of our favs from our first time out with our new Social Media Intern... Mackenzie, we are SO EXCITED to work with you this year!


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