In today’s Monday Magic episode, I’m talking with Mary Kathryn Carpenter as she explains her associate team model and why it’s been an INCREDIBLE way for her to scale her business revenue!!! In this interview, MK dishes all the details on how she’s expanding her business through associates, including: • How to know when it’s […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

April 18, 2022

Building an Associate Photography Team

One of the hardest things about selecting our Campus Reps each year is figuring out which amazing applicants we get to delight with a “yes,” and which amazing applicants we disappoint. That decision gets even HARDER when an ENTIRE friend group of amazing people applies, and you can only take one. And even HARDER STILL […]


April 11, 2022

TCU Senior Friend Photos: Tessa + Friends

She’s not the loudest voice in the room. She’s not the one drawing all the laughs, or commanding all the attention with a larger than life persona. And yet, walk in a room where TCU Senior Kathryn Kolski is present, and she immediately stands out from the crowd, instantly drawing you in. Not by what […]


April 10, 2022

TCU Senior Photos | Kathryn Kolski

Some people are simply born to shine. TCU Senior Stevie Bisch is one of those people. You know it from the moment you meet her: she dazzles you with a personality that is equal parts iconically charming, whimsically adventurous and unapologetically bold. Then you dive into a conversation with her and realize what a phenomenal […]


April 6, 2022

TCU Senior Photos | Stevie Bisch

Have you ever met a total original? I know… we’re all unique in our own right. But I’m talking about someone who, from the moment you said hello, struck you as a complete one-of-a-kind in all of the most amazing ways? For me, one of those people is TCU Senior Cassie Trosino. With her strong […]


March 28, 2022

TCU Senior Photos | Cassie Trosino

Tired of being ghosted by potential couples?! Let me ask you this — does your initial process include a phone or video call? Or are you simply emailing them pricing info and then expecting them to respond? In today’s episode of Monday Magic, I’m breaking down specific things you can start doing NOW to avoid […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

March 21, 2022

Wedding Photography: Stop Getting Ghosted (PROVEN SOLUTION!)

Building momentum is a big part of owning a photography business. You want to “gain momentum” through your marketing efforts, the clients you’re working with and the collaborations / relationships you make. It’s a natural part of business ownership!! However, there are 4 common mistakes MANY photographers make when it comes to building momentum… and […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

March 7, 2022

Momentum Killers: 4 Common Photography Business Mistakes

Let me tell you why I love being a TCU Senior Photographer: people like Abby Peterson. Abby, a member of TCU’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, is hilarious. She’s positive. Encouraging. Always bringing a sense of fun, energy, excitement and laughter to everything she does! And she does it with STYLE too, y’all! Abby is obsessed […]

Senior Photos

March 3, 2022

TCU Senior Photos | Abby Peterson

There are a lot of creative uses for gels when using flash. But for wedding photographers, there’s one SUPER practical use. In this episode of Monday Magic, I interview luxury photographer, Kayla Esslinger, to talk about how she started using her orange gel to transform her flash photography at receptions! (If you’re thinking — “what […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

February 21, 2022

Shooting With Flash Using Gels

Today’s video is an FAQ I get a TON — How to get rid of ORANGE photos when shooting in a barn!! Barn weddings are not going anywhere anytime soon; so if you haven’t mastered shooting flash in a barn, you NEED to watch this episode!! I show you how to get more natural reflection […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

February 7, 2022

Help! I’m Shooting with Flash in an Orange Barn!