Location. Location. Location. The location of your college grad sessions can make or break your photos and your client’s experience. So it stands to reason this may be a point that’s tripping you up. Though you may be tempted, don’t photograph your college grads the same way you capture your high school grads. Generic location […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

June 27, 2022

College Grad Photos | Choosing Locations

Can we talk about something that’s not easy to talk about today?? LONELINESS I read a statistic recently that blew my mind: Over two thirds of photographers reported feeling loneliness in their work 🤯🤯🤯. So I reached out to students and followers on Instagram and found that they also struggle with a sense of loneliness […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

June 13, 2022

Overcoming Loneliness as a Photographer

Session timelines can be a struggle. Ever find yourself running out of time at the end of a session? Or worse yet, not knowing how to subtly let a client know they are WAY over their time without feeling awkward?? You are NOT alone!! Recently, a student submitted a question about this very dilemma. I […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

May 30, 2022

Photography Mailbag: Ending Photo Sessions ON TIME

Ever had the post-graduation blues??? That moment every year after graduation when you suddenly find yourself thinking WHAT NOW?? All your students have gone off campus, the excitement of graduation is over, summer is starting to set in… and while you know you can’t stay focused on the past, it’s hard to focus on what’s […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

May 16, 2022

College Grad Photos | How to Survive the Post-Graduation Blues

What separates a really GOOD photographer from the ELITE photographers getting all the bookings? In this week’s edition of Monday Magic, I interview Kate Dye, a Charleston-based wedding photographer and educator who firmly believes (and I agree with her!) that in today’s world, pretty images aren’t enough. Kate gives us her tips & secret sauce […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

May 2, 2022

Creating a Killer Client Experience for Photography Clients (with Kate Dye)

Photographing TCU Alumni proposals is easily one of my favorite things we do. As a College & Sorority photographer here in Fort Worth, we meet some of the most amazing people during their years at TCU. Amazing people like Meg, who we met through our work with her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. After meeting her […]


April 23, 2022

TCU Alumni Proposal | Joey + Meg

As a TCU Senior Photographer, I love that the campus offers so many signature locations to shoot. Amon Carter Stadium, Frog Fountain, the TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library are a few of my favorites! With so many sessions taking place in the same locations over and over, what really makes each session unique is the […]


April 18, 2022

TCU Senior Photos | Kathryn Gutierrez

In today’s Monday Magic episode, I’m talking with Mary Kathryn Carpenter as she explains her associate team model and why it’s been an INCREDIBLE way for her to scale her business revenue!!! In this interview, MK dishes all the details on how she’s expanding her business through associates, including: • How to know when it’s […]

For Photographers, Monday Magic with Rob Greene

April 18, 2022

Building an Associate Photography Team

One of the hardest things about selecting our Campus Reps each year is figuring out which amazing applicants we get to delight with a “yes,” and which amazing applicants we disappoint. That decision gets even HARDER when an ENTIRE friend group of amazing people applies, and you can only take one. And even HARDER STILL […]


April 11, 2022

TCU Senior Friend Photos: Tessa + Friends

She’s not the loudest voice in the room. She’s not the one drawing all the laughs, or commanding all the attention with a larger than life persona. And yet, walk in a room where TCU Senior Kathryn Kolski is present, and she immediately stands out from the crowd, instantly drawing you in. Not by what […]


April 10, 2022

TCU Senior Photos | Kathryn Kolski