When I look for Campus Reps, I’m looking for so much more than just someone wanting an incredible deal on their TCU Senior Photos. I’m looking for people who are kind. Thoughtful. Genuine. Generous. People who live their lives with purpose, and who also know how to bring life and joy and fun with them […]


October 27, 2020

TCU Senior Photos | Kate Wegener

When it comes to Wedding Photography, nothing inspires fear in a natural light photographer faster than Flash Photography. Your wedding is going beautifully. You’re nailing portrait after portrait. Then, suddenly, the sun dips behind the horizon. That’s when it starts. The sweaty palms. The mental gymnastics. The repeated smashing of the internal “panic” button. I […]

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October 26, 2020

3 Reasons Flash Photography Isn’t As Scary as You Think

Fall Senior Photos at TCU often fly under the radar for many seniors compared to Spring sessions. This fall, though, that has changed big time! So many seniors, like Maddy, have scheduled senior photos during the early part of the fall semester to take advantage of warmer temps and more fashionable outfit options! The morning […]


October 25, 2020

Fall Senior Photos at TCU

TCU Senior Sitting on TCU Sign

The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations. –Unknown Turtle Creek Park photos have been on this DFW Photographer’s to-do list for some time now. Consequently, so has shooting with Savannah and CT, two Atlanta friends with amazing smiles and incredible fashion sense! We met their sophomore year at Kennesaw […]


October 20, 2020

Turtle Creek Park Photos

I always. know our Fort Worth Engagement Sessions are going to be a lot of fun whenever I work with a couple who laugh as much as Mark and Shelby. We met up for their engagement session recently, and these two were all smiles from start to finish! Shelby smiles because she’s just naturally one […]


October 8, 2020

Fort Worth Engagement Photos | Mark + Shelby

As a TCU senior photographer, I often get asked about our Campus Rep program. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “WHY?” TCU senior Paola Camberos is a perfect example. She’s brilliant, wrapping up her nursing degree this fall. She’s thoughtful and compassionate. She’s an absolute goofball, not afraid to be silly […]


October 2, 2020

TCU Senior Photography | Paola Camberos

Downtown Fort Worth is one of our favorite spots for Engagement Photos! With Covid-19 finally pulling back, we’ve been able to connect with some of our amazing new Square 8 couples for their engagement pics recently. Here’s a few of our favs from our time with Michael and MK!


September 29, 2020

Downtown Fort Worth Engagement Photos | Michael + MK

High School Senior Photos in Fort Worth are in full swing! Our most recent session gave us the opportunity to connect with high school senior Abbie Aswad, a brilliant student who is excited to be headed to UT next year! Congrats on nearing the end of high school Abbie! We’re so excited for you!!! Here’s […]


September 23, 2020

Fort Worth Senior Photos | Abbie Aswad

When today’s bride told about her plans to dance with her grandfather at her wedding, my eyes got a little misty. When she told me his sweet wife, her grandmother, had recently passed, I knew I’d never hold it together on wedding day. And when the moment came, my heart was beating a million miles […]


September 17, 2020

Bride Dances with Grandfather, Friends and Family Melt

High school senior portraits are in full swing in Fort Worth, Texas, but who says you need to wait til senior year to capture amazing memories with your best friends? Not these two! We caught up with Campbell and Gabi recently for a fun evening of photos along the Trinity Trail here in Fort Worth. […]


September 15, 2020

Fort Worth High School Portraits | Campbell and Gabi