• Rob Greene

Josiah + The Fellas | TCU Senior Photos

We spend most of our TCU Senior Photo sessions capturing photos for the ladies of TCU, but it's always a treat when the fellas give us a shout for some photos. I met Josiah this year while his girlfriend, Sydney, served as one of our Campus Reps, and was thrilled when he reached out to say that he and 8 of his best buds wanted to capture a few final memories before graduating, both for these guys to take with them as their friend group spreads out around the country post-graduation, and, as Josiah put it, "to have a nice updated picture for our Moms."


Needless to say, Josiah and the fellas went all out, suiting up for a very GQ set of senior photos to commemorate their years at TCU!

Thanks for having me out to capture these for ya, fellas... wishing you all the best!


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