• Rob Greene

Conner + Hannah | Monroe, GA Wedding Photo/Video

He kissed his bride. She giggled with glee, letting out a blissful squeal as the crowd cheered triumphantly. He looked at her, delighted to be looking in the eyes of this woman, this radiant beauty before him, the one he could now – finally – call his wife.

Joy overtook him. He couldn't contain himself any longer. Instinctively, almost without thinking, Conner bent down, threw Hannah over his shoulder, and RAN out of the ceremony, both of them BEAMING with joy, laughing every step of the way.

This one moment paints such a beautiful and accurate picture of Conner and Hannah. From the moment we first heard the whimsical beginnings of their "Cruise Ship Romance" love story, these two stood out as deeply passionate about both life and their love for each other. We saw it on full display when we met them for their Southern California engagement session in San Diego, and we witnessed that same magic throughout their wedding day.







Conner and Hannah, thank you for allowing us to come along for this leg of your journey. Your love of life and fun-loving positivity toward everything you do is as contagiousas it is magnetic! I will never forget our adventures at Pebble Beach, and the hilarity pouring out of each of you after being taken out by waves in 30º weather, or the absolute electricity that burst forth each and every time your eyes meet. It's an honor to know you both, and we are thrilled you asked us to capture your big day! Congratulations... we love you guys!

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