• Rob Greene

Conner + Hannah | San Diego, CA Engagement Session

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Their eyes widened. They looked out to the ocean. A storm was rolling in on the San Diego coast. Enormous waves crashed upon the rocks. These were no ordinary waves. In fact, they were larger than anything any of us were used to seeing on the east coast. And yet, I was dying to ask how they felt about getting in the water.

Much to my delight, I didn't have to!

Before I could form the words, Conner and Hannah read my mind, making a b-line straight for the water!!! The next thing we knew, they were neck deep in the ocean. Laughing. Splashing. Kissing. Having the time of their lives!!!

And that was just day one.

Would you expect anything less from a picture-perfect, love-at-first-sight couple who met on a cruise ship? WHAT A DREAM.

The next morning we found ourselves diving head first into a gorgeous San Diego sunrise at Torrey Pines, as a fast-rising high tide literally swept us ALL off our feet (proof below 😂), and at every turn these two rose to the occasion with a smile and a wild gleam in their eye!!! You could feel the passion and the joy just gushing out of them all morning long!!!

Conner and Hannah, thank you for not settling for ordinary, both in your relationship, and in your Adventure Engagement Session. Thank you for traveling across the country to take photos in one of the most beautiful places on earth. But mostly, thanks for being two wildly adventurous, up-for-anything lovers. You guys are INSTANT FAVS, and I had the time of my life laughing my way along the west coast with you. Our team can't wait to capture your wedding next fall!!! Let's do it again real soon, k?


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