• Rob Greene

Chance + Rebecca | Chapel at Ana Villa Wedding Photo/Video in Dallas, TX

Steady. Consistent. Organized, but relaxed. These were some of the character qualities that stood out to me most when I first met Chance and Rebecca. These two were a ton of fun together, but not in a wild and crazy way like one of our recent Atlanta couples. These two had their sights locked in on forever together, and seemed to walk through life and their engagement season with a sense of peace and calm about them.

One of my earliest memories of Rebecca came shortly after she and Chance had booked us to be their wedding photographer and videographer for their Chapel at Ana Villa wedding. Much to my surprise and delight, she was already ready to sort through their timeline! We worked with them to lay the basic foundations of their wedding day timeline on that call, and little did we know this was indicative of just how much thoughtful preparation and planning these two would put in to everything about their day!

The result?

A wedding as steady, organized, and relaxed as the couple we all gathered to celebrate.

Chance and Rebecca, it was a JOY to watch the two of YOU enjoy your wedding day. It was a joy to see how smoothly everything unfolded. It was a joy to see your day reflect some of your finest qualities as individuals and a couple. And it was a joy to be there each step of the way, capturing these beautiful memories for you! We hope you get a lifetime of enjoyment out of them! Congratulations! We love you guys!

The #kinginthenorthtexas Vendor Team:

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