• Rob Greene

Caitlyn Vilas | TCU Senior Photos, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Apr 3

Today, we continue our series highlighting amazing TCU Seniors! Today, I'm honored to highlight one of our Campus Reps, Caitlyn Vilas!

One of the unexpected blessings that has come from being a consistent presence on TCU's Campus over the years has been getting to see outstanding people like Caitlyn really grow and shine over the course of their time at TCU. She's one of the kindest humans you'll ever encounter. She's also one of the smartest: during her time at TCU she's been putting her incredible mind to use as a biology major in the school's pre-med program, and will be continuing her education in at a Texas med school in the fall!

Caitlyn, I'm SO grateful you chose to give part of your year to be a Campus Rep. Having known you for almost 4 years now, I can say with confidence that you have heart of gold!!! Your love for Jesus and people is contagious. Your kindness is a total people-magnet. And your brilliance knows no limits. I'm so thrilled for future, and thankful to have been a part of your life during your time in Fort Worth!!! Congratulations!!!

PS: Can't wait to take some more around Campus when the #CoronaLockdown lifts and you can get back to campus!!!


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