• Rob Greene

Marley Capper | TCU Senior Photos, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Mar 31

We've built some amazing relationships with the students of TCU over the past several years. These relationships always reach a sweet and nostalgic culmination point when it's time for senior photos each semester. This year's senior photos are taking on a rather unique and sentimental twist, with the Coronavirus causing many TCU Seniors to return home instead of school at the end of Spring Break.

For those that have chosen to stick around a little longer, like Marley, we've had a blast!

Marley served as one of our Campus Reps this year, and I gotta say: this girl is a go-getter! She's on the brink of graduating with not one, not two, but THREE degrees from TCU this year. She's involved in her sorority, her church, and countless other groups and activities. And yet, somehow, by some miracle, she had time and energy left over to pour her all into helping spread the word about Square 8 Studio on campus!

Marley, I love your passion and enthusiasm. You don't do anything halfway. Your wholehearted pursuit of excellence inspires me to never settle. I'm so thankful for the relentless drive you've had towards everything we've done together as a team this year. Gonna miss you in the fall, but can't wait to see you run a company. Or a law firm. Or a country. You are destined for success!


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