• Rob Greene

Bobby + Jess | Old Red Museum Wedding, Dallas, TX

She grinned from ear to ear. Just 5 feet away, teeny tiny fingers covered squinted-shut eyes. These two precious kids Jess had come to adore while dating their father, her soon-to-be husband, were about to see this beautiful bride who they had come to adore for the first time on their family's wedding day.

The countdown began.


The kids grinned and giggled.


A Christmas-morning-like excitement now filled the room.


They lowered their hands.

They opened their eyes.

The older of the two kids lit up with a huge smile, her jaw dropped in whimsical wonder. The younger dramatically acted like he was passing out, melting in to a puddle on the floor.

Their father, Bobby, looked on and laughed. Jess beamed. She stooped down to the kids' level, hugging them both. These two precious little lives she was overjoyed to now play a role in raising.

After a few family photos, we loaded in cars and headed downtown to the Old Red Museum's courthouse for the wedding. If you've never been to a courthouse wedding ceremony before, you might think it would lack the intimacy of a more traditional wedding. With Jess and Bobby and their kids, you would be oh-so wrong.

Their beautiful ceremony was full of love, tears, and laughter. Vows were shared not just between wife and husband, but between parents and kids. Precious promises exchanged, committing to a life of perfectly imperfect love lived out together as family.

We can't think of a more precious way to kick off the holiday season!

Bobby and Jess, from the day we met you at JC and Beka's wedding, we knew y'all were a ton of fun as a couple, and it has been an absolute joy to get to know your family through this process. Your kiddos are full of life and personality, and the way you love them is extraordinary. We are so thankful you gave us the honor of capturing your beautiful day. A day as unique and whimsical as the love you share with one another!

Wishing you all the best as you walk the road of marriage as husband and wife... we love you guys!!!


Pre-Wedding: The Lumen Room - Dallas (Lifestyle)

Ceremony: The Old Red Museum Courthouse


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