• Rob Greene

Wesley + Jordan | The Greystone Estate Wedding, Ballground, GA

Updated: Jan 18

I thought I'd seen it all. But I'd never seen a wedding exit like this.

We walked outside. A soft mist gently kissed our skin. Just in front of me, Wesley gently kissed his wife, Jordan. Poetic.

We rounded the corner, and there it stood. Epic. Majestic. It's jet black exterior emblazoned with a pair of red stripes from front to back.

A race car?


How about a HELICOPTER!

Moments later, the newlyweds would be lifting off into the night to tour the city from above as husband and wife. The irony of this epic exit, is that Wesley and Jordan are one of the most grounded and down-to-earth couples you'll ever meet. They're undeniably content when they're together, having dated for years. Their families are crazy about them. They sealed their vows with a "pinky-promise" kiss. They personally served their families communion during their wedding ceremony. From start to finish, these two were such an easy-going pair to work with!

How appropriate though, on the day their love soared to new heights as they became husband and wife, that Wesley and Jordan would take flight as well, sailing off in to the cool December night sky for a romantic chopper ride over Georgia!

Wesley and Jordan, I'm so thankful to have met you both. You guys are SO much fun to be around. I love the way you love each other! It's easy. Fun. Natural. You guys bring peace and joy with you wherever you go, and it was an honor to capture your Big Day! Congralations... we love you guys!!!

The Legendary Vendor Team:

📸: Square 8 Studio 💒: The Greystone Estate 💐: The Woodstock Flower Company 🎧: MSA Entertainment 🍰: Confection Perfection 💄: Chelsea Hunter Hair and Makeup 🚁: Alpha Helicopter


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