• Rob Greene

Trey + Brittney | A Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

They say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day. But what happens when the 24 hours leading up to your vows give you intense rain, thunder, and lightning?

Followed by tornados?

Followed by snow?

Only for the skies to part and have a gorgeous sun shining down on you as your dance your way into forever together?

That was Trey and Brittney White's wedding day story. While their love story began on a perfectly sunny day at a water park many years ago, with Trey pushing Brittney down a water slide, their wedding day was far less predictable: the night before the wedding, intense storms ripped through north Texas. They were under a tornado warning for part of the night. They woke up to a thin blanket of snow covering the ground ("What can I say? It's a White wedding!" Brittany would joke throughout the day).

And yet, you won't see one bit of that craziness in their photos (below) or wedding film (above).

In a meteorologically miraculous turn of events, the sun burst through last that morning, just a couple hours before Trey and Brittney's ceremony began. It shone brightly through the gorgeous stained glass of St. Patrick's Cathedral, kissing off the couples faces as they said their vows. And it radiated intensely all around them as they kissed and danced their way around Dove Ridge Vineyard at sunset, reminding us all that no matter what kind of weather life throws at you, if you'll just hold on, there's a glorious trip down the water slide waiting on the other side!

Trey and Brittney, you guys were SO MUCH FUN. People ask me all the time if capturing the most magical day of people's lives is stressful. The answers is yes, but it's also an ABSOLUTE BLAST... ESPECIALLY with awesome couples like y'all! Even connecting with you and your families again at your Reveal last night had me laughing harder than I've laughed in a long time! Brittney, I loved all our calls to really fine tune your vision for your day and get everything just the way you wanted, and I'm thrilled that got to be there to watch it all unfold!!! Thanks for letting us share in this special day with you!!! Love you guys!!!

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