• Rob Greene

Trevor + Julia | A Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

He closed his eyes. Held his breath. The blazing sun warmed the crisp autumn air all around him at Dove Ridge Vineyard. Trevor was about to see his bride for the first time.

He heard footsteps. The sounds a wedding dress whooshing from side to side with each step. A million thoughts raced through his heart and mind. What would it be like when he finally saw his bride? Would he be left speechless? Reduced to tears?

The steps got closer. Members of the wedding party looked on. After what felt like an eternity, Trevor felt the tap on his shoulder he'd been waiting for.

He spun around...

...and there before him...


his BEST MAN, Schyler.


Trevor would later tell me the hilarity of this moment honestly loosened him up and set his heart at ease the rest of the day. He and his bride, Julia, both confessed that the infamous wedding day butterflies were swarming in both of them that day. After all, theirs is no ordinary love story. Theirs is a love story years in the making. Theirs is a love story as big as the Grand Canyon.

And so, as Trevor and Julia's love story soared to heights previously unknown that afternoon at Dove Ridge Vineyard as they pledged to spend a lifetime loving and serving one another, it was his Best Man's crazy antics that provided the perfect dose of levity... a little bit of laughter to replace nervous excitement with just plain excitement for the beautiful road that lies ahead!

Trevor and Julia, you two have been a JOY to serve from day 1! From our (multiple) trips to the Grand Canyon, to an unexpected Arizona snowfall, to dinners and coffees around Fort Worth, it was an honor to get a first-person glimpse of the magic of your relationship with each other. May your days together always be as sweet as the amazing cakes made by your Mom's bakery, and your love as bright as that amazing fireworks display that lit up the end of your night! We wish you all the best on the road ahead, and will be cheering you on each step of the way!

Congratulations... we love you guys!

The Rockstar Vendor Team

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