• Rob Greene

Taylor + Madison | Roswell Mill Engagement Photos

Tucked away in the deepest recesses of the Roswell Mill are some epic spots for engagement photos! When we met up with Taylor and Madison, some last-minute storm clouds took away our sunlight just before we could get started, and the premature darkness was paired with a classic Atlanta Summer humidity so sticky even MY hair was frizzing up!

Did that stop Taylor and Madison from capturing some epic engagement photos at Roswell Mill?

No. No it didn't.

One of the things I love about our Square 8 couples is that they're TROOPERS. They roll with the punches. They make the best of sticky (literally!) situations.

Taylor and Madison are my kinda people!

They jumped at the chance to make their way to the Roswell Mill waterfall. They climbed up steep hills. Across mossy rocks. Kicked off their shoes and got their feet wet. And had a BLAST doing it!

Taylor and Madison, y'all were SO MUCH FUN to work with... if y'all look this gorgeous on a tough weather day, imagine how stunning you'll be for your wedding at Barnsley Gardens next year?!

Here's a few of our favs from the evening... we can hardly wait for next April!!!


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