• Rob Greene

Sydney + Friends | TCU Senior Photos

Updated: Jun 15

We'd wrapped up the shoot. Friends had been reunited. Laughs had been shared. Champagne had been sprayed. I went to thank Erica, Sydney, and Sarah for letting me capture these senior memories for them, when one of the girls beat me to the punch:

"It feels like you've captured our entire time here," she said.

And that's when it hit me: Through our continual coverage of so many Theta events over the past 4 years, this was the first group of seniors I'd been photographing since their freshman year.

What an honor.

To Erica, Sydney, Sarah, and the many other Thetas who we've had the privilege of working with over these past 4 years... THANK YOU.

Feeling a little senti right now. Anyone got a Kleenex?


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