• Rob Greene

Ryan + Jessica | A Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

It all started with a pie in the face.

Back in college, when Ryan and Jessica first started talking, legend has it that Ryan told Jessica he couldn't afford to take her out on a date just yet. However, at a fundraiser on campus held by Jessica's sorority, Ryan and his fraternity brothers "magically" managed to scrape up enough money for him to smash a fundraising pie in his new love interest's face.

Once she found out he had enough money for these shenanigans, Jessica insisted Ryan finally take her out on their first date!

Ryan happily obliged.

Fast forward a few years, and here they stood. Face to face. At the altar. Saying vows. Pledging their lives to one another. Tears. Joy. Beauty. Life. Love.

And their dogs.

Ryan and Jessica's 2 pups, Lucas and Joey, served as the ring bearers for the occasion. Their families had gathered from all over to celebrate. They laughed and kissed and danced the night away. It was beautiful. Magical. Whimsical.

And yet, there was only one way it could end.

With another pie in the face.

Throughout the reception, Ryan and Jessica's guests had been casting their photos for who between them and their best man (Ryan's brother, Connor) and maid of honor (Jessica's cousin, Kimberly) should be the recipient of this lovely pie smashing.

Ryan was the lucky (or rather, NOT-so-lucky) winner.

And out came the pie.... WHAM!

But the fun was only beginning. Ryan in turn shared in the moment with his bride, covering her shocked face with the cream from his own. Before we knew it, his brother had a SECOND pie, and was surprising their dad, Steve with his own pie in the face. His wife went in for a creamy kiss to share in the moment, then Steve ran over to his new daughter-in-law to make sure she left as caked in pie as possible!

Ryan and Jessica, there couldn't have been a more perfect ending to your night. Your whole weekend was a family affair. The joy and laughter shared between your families is heartwarming and rare. It speaks so much to who you are as individuals. And as a team. People who love your family deeply and dearly. People who have been molded and shaped by the love of the people surrounding you. I'm honored that we got to share in that love on your big day, and capture the beauty – AND the HILARITY – of your gorgeous wedding!

Congratulations y'all... we love you guys!!!


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💒: Dove Ridge Vineyard

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💇🏻‍♀️: Rylli Palmour

💐: Bibiana Gutierrez

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💥: Prestotechnics

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