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Rob + Sydney | The Factory Wedding Photos, Atlanta, GA

Updated: Mar 31

He grinned from ear to ear. Then, the grin softened. His eyes reddened. Tears welled up. Then, another smile. Then tears. These alternating emotions waffled for 30-60 seconds, but for him, it must have felt like an eternity.

Just a few feet behind him stood the radiant bride, Sydney. She knew what he was feeling. All of it. Because she knew him. So deeply. So intimately. The love they share runs deep. She couldn't wait for him to turn around and see her, and for all those emotions to explode in one beautiful moment.

He turned around.

The grin burst into a full-blown smile.

He embraced the bride.

Then came the full waterworks.

And the best part of the story? If you know Sydney and the two leading men in her life: her husband, Rob, and father, Mark, you know this story is true of BOTH men.

They say a bride marries someone who reminds her of her father. And to meet Rob, you see so many of the amazing qualities that Mark is known for: a love for laughter and good times, a tenderness of heart, and a deep love for Sydney.

These emotions would eventually give way to a gorgeous ceremony at Factory Atlanta, with Syd's youth pastor, Brent, officiating, followed by fabulous night of laughter and dancing the night away. The stellar sounds of Emerald Empire Band Rob, Sydney, and their guests on the dance floor all night long, highlighted by Sydney's grandfather jumping on the mic with the band as the party ramped up (pics below!)

But for those brief, tender moments before the ceremony, it was magical to see Sydney loved and celebrated so well by these two men who love her with everything in their being.

Rob and Sydney, you two are amazing! So detailed and organized, yet so relaxed and easy-going. Walking with you through your engagement journey was such a joy, and being able to celebrate this night with you was such a special honor! The road ahead is beautiful and bright, friends... thanks for letting us share in the occasion with you! We love you guys!!!


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