• Rob Greene

Matt + Megan | Trinity Park Engagement Photos, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Mar 31

From the first moment I sat down with Matt and Megan, I knew these two were special. There was an innocence to their conversation. A twinkle in their eye. A sparkle in their love for each other. As I've gotten to know them over the past couple months, it's been a joy to see how Matt's love for Jesus fuels the purity of his pursuit of Megan, and how Megan's love for Jesus amplifies her affections for Matt!

We caught up with this joyous couple on a windy winter day in Texas for their recent engagement session, and it was such a BLAST seeing how these two interact: from their wizarding duel that got Megan tickled, to their shared love of scripture, to reenacting Matt's "Phase 10" proposal, these two are SO MUCH FUN to be around!!!

Here's a few of our favs from the night!


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