• Rob Greene

Kenzi Kostel | TCU Senior Photos

Earlier this year, I asked our past and present campus reps to share, in their words, what it's like to be a Campus Rep. Among the tear-inducing kindness they sent back, Kenzi Kostel shared something that didn't make the final video, but left a profound impact on me: she said she debated whether or not to even apply to be a Campus Rep, because she wasn't one of those girls who's always out taking pictures all the time, and feeling super comfortable in front of the camera.

Boy am I glad she changed her mind!

One of my favorite it things about the Campus Reps we've had over the years is that experience is not required. While some of our reps, like Anna, spent a lot of time in front of the camera prior to working with us, others came in with a love of great photos and a passion for what we are about at Square 8. Kenzi is a hard worker, immensely loyal, and extremely passionate about everything she does, and it totally translated into some amazing photos over this past year, especially in her senior session!

Kenzi, I'm so glad you applied to be a Campus Rep! I appreciate your dedication to your faith, the fun and kindness you brought to each and every Campus Rep gathering, and your courage in diving into the world of photography head first this year! We were a better team with you in the mix, and wouldn't have been the same without you!!!

Congrats on graduating... wishing you the very best in the months ahead as you start your next chapter in Dallas!


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