• Rob Greene

Jared + Anna | Bel Air Bay Club Wedding, Malibu, CA

In January 2015, I visited California for the first time. In the middle of a heartbreak. I borrowed a friend's camera, took 2 weeks off work, and drove up the West Coast taking pictures.

That was the week I fell in love.

With photography.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being back 5 years later - as a wedding photographer – to shoot Jared and Anna's GORGEOUS Malibu wedding!

Come to think of it, 5 years ago, Jared and Anna didn't envision this moment either.

"Jared and I were in the same 30-person business program at TCU for 3 years," Anna told me, "but didn't say a word to each other until spring break of senior year" when the two finally "had a real conversation." When that happened, all their initial misconceptions about each other went out the door, and sparks flew: "He thought I was too social and I thought he was too serious. And although we are very different people, we found we have similar values, families, and beliefs."

God has a beautiful way of writing incredible stories that show off His beauty and glory. For me, these past few years have been an incredible redemption story, seeing God birth a new dream in my heart out of that trip so many years ago. For Jared and Anna, it's been a beautiful love story that was now culminating in a trip to the altar to pledge their lives to one another!

January 4, 2020, our stories converged at the Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu.

It was a day I'll never forget.

Jared and Anna, thank you for inviting me to capture the magic of your love story for you. From day 1, you were both so easygoing and fun to be around. You were driven and detailed when it came to your wedding plans, but never at the expense of what matters most: enjoying this road you're now walking together as husband and wife. I'll never forget the ocean breeze blowing through the windows, creating a sense of calm throughout every room we walked in to on your wedding day. I'll never forget the dozens of boats that paraded around in the water as we looked out in to the ocean, or Anna, the tears running down you and your father's faces during that precious first look. And I'll never forget the sense of steady calm, joy and delight you two found in each other all day long whenever your eyes met.

Your story is only just beginning. May it be a fairy tale beyond your wildest dreams!

Congratulations... we love you guys!!!

The Superstar Vendor Team

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💒: Bel-Air Bay Club

💐: Flowers by Leah

🎺: Lucky Devils Band

🍰: Porto's Bakery

💄: Meg O'Hare Beauty

🎻: Organic String Quartet


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