• Rob Greene

How I Built My Business

I talk to Photographers in Fort Worth and Atlanta almost every week who want to pick my brain about how we built Square 8 Studio from the ground up into a sustainable business. While I usually lead with "it's a lot messier in reality than it looks on our website and social media" (it really is), I can't help but look back at these past for years and be amazed by the journey God's taken us on.

When I started out as a Photographer in Fort Worth in 2015, I never would have imagined being able to one day tell people that we're an "award-winning photography studio." I certainly couldn't have fathomed making more in our first 3 years of full-time operation than in 15+ years of youth ministry. Most of the road to get to this point has been full of bumps, bruises, and lessons learned... often the hard way. But with a huge heart for people, a willingness to hustle, and a whole lot of favor and blessing, we've been able to serve some really amazing people over the past 3 years, and I'm excited to spend more time sharing our journey with other photographers and videographers in the months and years ahead!

Today I'm excited to share our latest effort to invest in other photographers and entrepreneurs. I was recently interviewed by Jesse Eckel of HammerForged Creative for their "Dad Boss" Podcast (Side note: Jesse and I teamed up to pull off one of the most epic surprise engagements at Lake Tahoe in 2017.) I'll share about the crazy way I got in to photography (yes, it started with a break-up!) as well as several of the key decisions I made in our first years of business that factored in to our early growth.

Click the link below to check out the interview on the latest episode of the "Dad Boss" podcast!

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