• Rob Greene

Cody + Aubri | Glover Park Brewery Wedding, Marietta, GA

Bottom of the 9th. 2 outs. Bases loaded. Full count. Cody Franklin is at the plate, and the stakes for this at bat were far greater than any World Series Game 7.

His gaze was laser-focused. Beads of sweat furrowed his brow. An intense passion consumed every fiber of being.

He looked straight ahead.

Not at a pitcher.

At his bride.

Her walk down the aisle with her father was coming at Cody like a fastball. Thankfully, Aubri had tipped this pitch months prior, when she squealed with a resounding YES when Cody asked her to marry him. All these two had to do now was knock their vows out of the park!

And that's exactly what they did.

The deck had been stacked against these two all week. They married on March 14, the just as COVID-19 began to wreak its havoc, and just before shelter in place orders would begin shutting down most of our country. "You can prepare for things like rain and running behind schedule, but what about global pandemics?" Aubri pondered after the wedding. "How do you joyfully float through a week where so many things around you are shutting down and social distancing, but you’re supposed to feel on cloud 9 and be excited to be in a room full of vulnerable people when the world is saying that is the most dangerous thing you can do right now? How do Cody and I not feel guilty about expecting people to show up and risk exposing themselves to germs and illnesses that can impact their families?"

I loved her response: "I don’t have an answer, but I do have faith. I prayed for health of everyone traveling and coming out of isolation for one night of celebration. I prayed for a night of fun for people to have couple hours to forget about the uncertainty of what the next couple of weeks bring. We are truly blessed and thankful for every single person and vendor that made yesterday one for the history books."

One for the history books indeed. With everything on the line and all eyes on them, Cody and Aubri knocked the ball out of the park with their wedding, a euphoric end to an emotional Coronavirus Wedding Week.

What's next for the couple? A championship honeymoon in DisneyWorld?

Guess we'll have to wait and see when the Coronavirus lifts!

Cody and Aubri, thank you for letting us walk with you through your unique engagement season. You truly faced challenges that few other couples will ever have to face, and you both shined brightly through it all. Praying that the same joy and patience you displayed throughout the lead-up to your wedding will be hallmarks of your marriage, and that your years together as husband and wife will make the Braves pennant run in the 90's look like little league by comparison! Congratulations... we love you guys!


📸: Square 8 Studio

🎥: Square 8 Studio

💒: Marietta Conference Center and Resort and Glover Park Brewery

📋: Victoria Newman

💐: Luxe + Bloom

🎧: Bradley for MSA Entertainment

🍰: Gabriel's Restaurant and Bakery and Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

💄: Jahna Christa Hair + Makeup


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