• Rob Greene

Colby + Nina | A Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

He turned around. Tears filled his eyes. Any efforts to wipe them away were fruitless once he saw his bride in her dress for the first time. He pulled her in tight. Holding her close. Hugging her. After all, the angel enveloped inside his arms was his wife-to-be. His dream girl. His one-and-only. And he wasn't about to let go.

Earlier that afternoon, storms had threatened to rain on Nina and Colby's parade, with a torrential downpour sweeping the grounds of Dove Ridge Vineyard. The couple kept their emotions in check throughout, and eventually the rain gave way to soft clouds with a trace of sunshine. But now, standing before each other in this moment, there was no constraining their emotions.

Nina joined Colby with her tears. She reached for his coat pocket, pulling out his handkerchief, delicately dabbing each eye. He pulled her in again, wrapping her up in the comfort and strength of his embrace. It was the most tender of moments, just moments before they said "I do".

From our time with Nina and Colby in Malibu earlier this year, we had learned how different these two are – Colby being a chill, down-to-earth, guy's guy; Nina as adorably sweet as can be, yet also carrying the grace, poise and charm of a princess – but we also witnessed first-hand the beauty of their 8-and-a-half-year relationship: those differences fit perfectly together into a truly enchanting romance.

It was that magnetism on full display as they held each other in the upstairs loft of Dove Ridge that afternoon, the clock ticking down the seconds til they would become man and wife. Colby pouring out his heartfelt love for his princess, Nina finding comfort in the arms of her knight in shining armor. Such a gorgeous and fun-filled evening awaited them - from the jaw-dropping florals Blushington Blooms had sprinkled throughout the grounds, to the all-out dance party thrown by Leforce Entertainment at their reception, to the awe-inspiring fireworks display put on by Prestotechnics to end the night. But for this moment, this tender, quiet moment before it all went down, they held on to each other, knowing they already had everything they wanted and needed right there in their embrace.

Colby and Nina, y'all are amazing! We have loved journeying with you over the past year! Y'all are SO much fun to be around, and treated us like instant friends from the moment we met. We can't think about the west coast without thinking about the amazing time we had with you guys this spring, and we can't think about Dove Ridge Vineyard without thinking about your picture-perfect day! Thank you for letting us come along for the ride to capture the magic of it all for you... we love you guys!!!

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