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Anthony + Sara | A Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

There's a rich intensity to the way Anthony and Sara love each other. It's not just in the kisses they share. It's in every word. Every look. Every touch. All filled with the deepest longing and desire. These two have loved each other for years, but to see them together, you'd be hard-pressed to find a single ounce of "ordinary" to Anthony and Sara's love for each other.

Outside of their deep passion for each other, one of the first things I remember from my first interaction with Anthony and Sara at last summer's Dove Ridge Vineyard Open House is their love for, and attention to, details. The couple both lit up as they described the tremendous lengths Anthony went to in planning out the specifics of his proposal to Sara. Talk to them about their hobbies, their relationships, or their favorite wines, and that same fierce affection for the nuance of what makes something great fills their conversation.

When we met up for their engagement session last fall, this love for detail was on display, but it was never more clear than the moment you entered their wedding. Each detail was thoughtfully prepared with the intentionality and purpose. We're talking Every. Single. Detail. With their last name being Bird, they ran with this theme masterfully throughout - from naming tables after different types of birds, to the gorgeous feather boutonnieres adorning the groomsmen's lapels, to the miniature nest in which their wedding bands were held. The bird theme was beautifully paired with the couple's love for geology, from the ring box to the invitation design. All of this is even more magnificent when you factor in that most of these details were created by the couple and their families!

Perhaps the most special details of all were the thoughtful gifts Sara prepared for her parents. A handkerchief for a father with a personal note stitched in the couple's colors, and a tear-inducing purse for her mom with an image from her mother's parents' wedding day printed in the inner lining. Watching Sara's parents melt as they received these gifts was absolutely heart-warming!

Anthony and Sara, I love YOUR love for details. We could have spent a whole week capturing shot after shot for you and (1) never run out of beautiful things to shoot, and (2) never gotten bored! But even more importantly than your love for details, I love YOUR love for each other, and your people. Your appreciation for beauty is inspiring. Your thoughtfulness knows no bounds. And your passion for each other is the stuff movies are made of. May your love always be as solid as a rock, and fly as high as the birds!

Thanks for having us out to capture your day... we love you guys!

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