• Rob Greene

Abbey | Senior Photo Session, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Today we wrap up our Campus Rep senior blogs! We kicked things off with the always-adorable Devan last week, then featured the effortlessly glamorous Liv on Monday. Today we conclude with someone who has been the biggest surprise of any Campus Rep I've ever worked with: Abbey Widick. To be honest, I was planning to just use 2 reps this spring, and having worked with Devan and Liv so much already, my plans were pretty set. Then I met Abbey. She was confident. Charming. Carried herself with a poise befitting her role as TCU SGA president. And boy howdy was she sassy! When Abbey started ragging on my Georgia BBQ as vastly inferior to her hometown Kansas City BBQ, I immediately thought to myself, "this girl is gonna add a TON of FUN to our team this semester!" What I didn't realize at that time, was that not only is Abbey all those things I mentioned above, she's also an AMAZING leader. A humble servant of others. A passionate advocate for those without a voice, using her platform as SGA president to make an incredible difference on TCU's campus that will last for years and years to come. She's hard-working. Grateful. Thoughtful. Generous. Kind. And did I mention SASSY?! Abbey, to simply say "thank you" feels like it falls short. You've had so much on your plate this semester, yet you chose to give of what little remaining time you had at TCU to help me as a Campus Rep. From all your ultra-honest feedback, to the thoughtful ways you've checked in on me, to letting me swear you in as our unofficial President of the Fun Club for an afternoon, you’ve been such a joy to know! As much as I hate that it took us til your last semester to meet, I'm grateful for the months we've had together this spring! You are the total package, and your future will be as bright as you let it be. In the meantime, thanks for sharing a piece of your final semester with me! Ready for that KC/GA BBQ Challenge whenever you are!


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