• Rob Greene

Nick + Chelsea | Barn at Paradise Plantation Wedding, Paradise, TX

"Do you hear what I hear?"

No, I was not singing the popular Christmas carol while we went to work editing photos and video from our latest wedding. I was asking Spencer, the videographer, in heart-warming SHOCK, to confirm what I thought I heard. It was so beautiful I couldn't believe it, yet I was almost certain about the sound that had just tickled my disbelieving ears.

On our computer screen, freshly-imported footage of Nick and Chelsea's wedding was playing a scene from their wedding. He reaches down. Picks up a glass and some bread. They take communion. They begin to pray. A common occurrence, right? Wrong. Most couples we see choose to participate in communion during their wedding use the time to pray for each other, and for their marriage.

Nick and Chelsea are not most couples.

But then again, if you know Nick and Chelsea, you already know this.

While I'll keep the specifics private out of respect for the couple, what unfolded in those moments of prayer was one of the most beautiful things we'd ever witnessed at a wedding: they were praying for all their loved ones... by name.

This simple act sums up Nick and Chelsea to their core. These two are as selfless as they come. They love their family. They love their friends. They for dang sure love each other. But most of all, they love Jesus, and from start to finish on their wedding day, one message was sent out lovingly and clearly to all of us in attendance: Jesus loves you, and we do too!

Nick and Chelsea, your day was a breath of fresh air for us, literally and figuratively. From the crisp air outside your gorgeous venue, to the serene and peaceful spirit that emanated from you both throughout the day, every single second spent with you was truly magical. With each passing moment that I've known you, I find myself rooting harder and harder for your marriage. What you have is rare, its special, and our world needs a marriage like yours, shining as a beacon of hope to everyone around you. I hope these images and video serve as a reminder to you both... of the vows you made to one another, and of the loved ones you prayed for who gathered to celebrate you as you said "I do!"

Love you guys!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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