• Rob Greene

Sam + Alexis | Fort Worth, TX Engagement Photography

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

"We're almost there. 5 minutes." My heart broke for Alexis. She and her fiancé, Sam, had chosen downtown Fort Worth because of its significance to their relationship, but a major event downtown had surprised us all, and traffic was on lockdown. As we spoke by phone with our newest Square 8 couple while we awaited their arrival, I could tell that bumper-to-bumper cars and red lights was not the storybook start to their engagement session that they'd hoped for!

But as they exited the elevator to the rooftop and came around the corner, time stood still. There was Alexis, her stunning curls and long, flowing dress blowing in the wind. Matching her stride for stride was her fiancé, looking dapper with his staple red hair and beard opposite a striking navy blazer and baby blue tie. He gently held her hand as they walked toward us, seemingly in slow motion, like something out of a Hollywood movie.

Speaking of movies... check out their Engagement film!

And as we began to take pictures, these two lovers laughed and snuggled, holding each other close while a picturesque sunset settled over the city, lighting up the surrounding buildings with a romantic glow. Suddenly, all the world was right again, just like the moment these two first fell in love!

Sam and Alexis, we had SO much fun with y'all! I'm so glad you didn't let a little traffic ruin your fun - y'all looked absolutely STUNNING! We can't wait to shoot your wedding next summer!!! Let's do this again soon, shall we? :)

Here's a few sneak peeks from the night!


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