You're home from your honeymoon. You've got your pictures and/or wedding film back. You're glowing in the aftermath of one of the most glorious days of your lives! Now it's time to share what an amazing time we had together! Did we bend over backwards to serve you in a way that future Square 8 brides would be excited to know about? Was there something in our communication that really set your heart at ease as you planned? Did our energy and excitement on wedding day leave a lasting impression on you and your families? We'd love to hear about it!!!

We've saved you the trouble of finding where to review us by including links below to the top 3 sites our couples check out when searching for a wedding photographer or videographer! 

Not sure what to write? Here's a sample from a couple of our previous Square 8 brides:

I'm still trying to find the words to describe these guys, but I'll do my best. From the moment I first spoke to Rob on the phone, I knew I'd be working with him and his team. They have gone above and beyond to exceed my videography expectations. The great thing about them is its like I was "working" with my best friends. Never once did I feel any sort of pressure about money or details... they genuinely were only concerned with how Jack and I were doing as a couple throughout the whole process and how they could pray for us. WHAT?! You actually WANT to check in on me?! That for me was worth it in itself. Everyone just expects you to be handling wedding stress well without actually caring. These guys just get it. I met with Rob a month or so the wedding just to go over details and what I wanted to see in my video. We ended up having a heart to heart that would go on to change my wedding day and stubborness as a person forever. 

On actual wedding day, Zach Benson showed up EARLY because he was EXCITED to be there! Again... WHAT?! He was so excited to shoot details and be in an environment he'd never been in before. He went outside of the typical "wedding day video" and shot Jack with his groomsmen jumping in the pool while us girls were getting ready. It's details like that that I will genuinely cherish forever. Zach was running around the venue BEAMING with excitement. All of my guests kept pulling me aside to be like wow he really loves what he does! Square 8 Studio only books X amount of weddings so that they can focus on yours and get it back within a couple weeks. That, too, is also unheard of. 

I will continue to rave about these guys until I'm showing my grandkids our wedding video. I cant recommend them enough. Rob and Zach, thank you for every single thing. Thank you for being there, for being fully present, and for being genuinely excited about what you do. I cant wait to continue to be your blue hearted bride and friend forever.

–Hadley, Square 8 Bride

Square 8 Studio is like working with your best friends! They go above and beyond to make YOUR vision come to life! They stay in constant communication with you through out the whole process which helps you feel at ease about what to expect! Their positive, encouraging and caring personalities always helped us know that what we wanted was a priority and important!! I felt like I had known them my whole life and we could meet up for coffee to catch up like old friends! We got to do a "test run" video session where we met the crew and got a feel for how they move and how we work in front of the camera! The day of our wedding went effortlessly! Rob and his team are absolutely amazing and we are so incredibly blessed to have worked with them! We love them!

– Lara, Square 8 Bride

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