Wouldn't it be amazing to see old footage of how your grandpa loved your grandma? Whether you've got a Fairy Tale romance, or a good ol', timeless tale of devotion, yours is a love story that needs to be told. Your grandkids deserve to see the way you light up when he walks in the room, and the way his eyes teared up the moment you came walking down the aisle. These are special days, after all, and not only will YOU want to replay your wedding video over and over... one day your kids and grandkids will too

How We Do It

In order to capture the magic for each of our Square 8 couples, we take a highly personalized, relational approach. We want to know your names. Your stories. Your family and wedding parties' names. We want to know what makes you melt. We want to know what gets him tickled. (Just ask our past couples!)

Because we believe at our core that people matter. That you matter. And we believe it's only when you get to know someone and care about them on a personal level that you begin to see the nuances of a couple's hearts and relationship that spill out in to those candid, romantic moments you're dying to hang as memories on your wall. 

Is that what you want for your Big Day?

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Wedding Videos

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