DFW:  AUGUST 25, 9-11:30A

ATL: SEPTEMBER 15, 9-11:30A


Do you want to take better photographs TODAY? Do you wish you understood your camera better? Lighting and composition? How to edit your photos for a consistent look? Square 8 Studio's new Square 1 Workshop is where it all begins!

At the heart of Square 8 Studio has always been a desire to raise up others, believing that a rising tide truly raises all ships. That's why we're excited to offer our very first workshop for photographers!

With his light-hearted, fun-loving approach to learning, Square 8 Studio owner Rob Greene invites you to jump in on a conversation full of laughter and inspiration that will send you home excited and equipped to take better photos! 

Whether you're just starting out, or trying to refine your craft, the Square 1 Workshop is designed to help all of us go farther, faster as photographers.

And the best part? These first workshops will be completely FREE.

Space will be extremely limited so that everyone can feel heard and known throughout , so apply for an exclusive seat at the table below before they all run out!

[ c ] 678-557-8865        [ e ]

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