• Rob Greene

Fight Night | Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA

At Square 8 Studio, our specialty is weddings. So how on EARTH do fast cars, BBQ, and an event for men from around the city of Atlanta connect back with our Square 8 Brides?

First, let me tell you a little about Fight Night. Fight Night is a gathering for the men of Atlanta, hosted by my home church, Passion City Church. According to the church's website, "FIGHT NIGHT gathers the men of Atlanta to seek after God’s own heart, fixing our eyes on Jesus as we fight the fight, run the race and keep the faith."

The church seeks to help men fight the good fight in four key areas of life:

  • We want to fight for our walk with God.

  • We want to fight for our heart and character.

  • We want to fight for our family (and future family).

  • We want to fight for our brother.

Serving at Passion City over the past 15 months has been a JOY, and capturing this 2nd ever Fight Night was totally wind in my sails. There's nothing else like it for the men of Atlanta - when I pulled in to the parking lot, I was greeted with the smell of Fox Bros. BBQ and the stunning sight of a dozen or so exotic luxury vehicles. I'm not much of a car guy, but even I couldn't stop my eyes from growing wide, or my jaw from dropping at the mere sight of these sweet rides! Upon entering the church, there were more cars, race car-driving contests, and even a NASCAR-style tire-changing speed challenge.

But the real power and beauty of the night was in the message lighting up the lobby and sparkling in its reflection off the shine of each car, which read: JESUS IS LIFE. This message was on full display when the gathering began, and a room full of men began singing about the grace of God and proclaiming the truth that when our heart is under fire, He is there with us IN the fire.

This message was indelibly written on our minds and hearts as we heard the story of Scott Richards, who also happens to be the father of one of our Square 8 Brides, Jennifer Sheehan. Jen and her husband Jonathan were our first #BlessABride couple - recipients of a free wedding film telling their powerful story, back before we even called it #BlessABride. What we didn't know back then, that we've learned since, is that the very same faith driving Jen's love story with Jonathan was instilled in her by her parents, whose story Scott shared at Fight Night. Jen's mom, Julia, has been battling cancer for 23 (TWENTY-THREE!) years. Let that sink in for a minute. Many of you reading this haven't even been alive for 23 years. Scott and Julia's journey of faith over the past two-plus decades has been truly remarkable. And as Scott shared this journey, and the "Fight Club" of men who had walked through it with him, I was reminded of two important truths:

  • It's not just ok to be vulnerable and real, it's ESSENTIAL.

  • If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go TOGETHER.

To all our Square 8 Brides and Grooms, THANK YOU. When you invest in Square 8 Studio for your wedding photos and videos, you are ultimately investing in and blessing couples like Jonathan and Jennifer too. And more than that, you are blessing their families, people like Scott and Julia Richards, as they walk through the fire... a tangible reminder that God is right there in the fire with them!

Here are some more photos from Fight Night to enjoy!


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