• Rob Greene

Asim + Brittany | Fort Worth, TX Wedding

From the moment I met Asim and Brittany I knew they had something special. Brittany could get lost in Asim’s eyes and embrace until her last breath. He feels like home to her - safe and secure, a place where she is known and loved for simply being… Brittany. Asim carried himself with such confidence and humility with Brittany by his side. She was his biggest fan and made him feel like he could conquer the world as long as she was journeying along. Finding someone that gives you the strenght to climb mountains is pretty spectacular!

From the early planning stages, it was extremely evident that these two wanted their wedding day and marriage to reflect something greater than themselves You desired your marriage covenant to place your Maker on grand display.

Christ put breath in your lungs.

Christ saved you.

Christ extended to each of you the gift of love and loving each other as Christ loved the Church.

Each word spoken and each verse read at your beautiful ceremony pointed back to this hope and prayer.

Asim and Brittany, your love is beautiful and together, you can weather any storm the world throws at you. Your countenance and grace is so magnetic and inspiring and make love look easy and worth it.

It was a tremendous pleasure being able to serve you on your BEAUTIFUL wedding day and I hope you can look back on your gallery for years to come and undoubtedly see Christ’s goodness and faithfulness extended to each of you.

Thanks again, we love you guys!!!

The AMAZING Vendor Team:

📸: Square 8 Studio

🎥: Reverent Wedding Films

💒: Stillwater Meadow

📋: Sandy Pike

💄: Etoilly Artistry

👰🏼: Madeline Gardner

👗: Azazie

🤵: Men's Wearhouse


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