• Rob Greene

Steven + Natalie | Dallas, TX Wedding

Her dress was bustled. Her makeup was touched up. The reception details were everything she had hoped and dreamed. Now, her new husband eagerly awaited her arrival on the dance floor with an outstretched hand and a smile as big a Texas. The music started, and their first dance as husband and wife began. Guests wiped tears away as they looked on at the beautiful couple with excitement and joy. You cloud have heard a pin drop in the reception hall of Ashton Gardens. The couple gracefully made their way around the dance floor and all seemed to go as planned for a traditional, sweet first dance from the bride and groom…

…until the DJ’s music stopped.

Steven and Natalie looked at each other with a playful grin. They turned and faced their puzzled guests. They silently counted with head nods and the music kicked back in. For the next several minutes, an amazingly choreographed dance was performed - Steven and Natalie, never missing one beat or step. Their months of preparation paid off in fine fashion as they danced to various cherished songs over their years of dating in a fantastic mashup!

A dip kiss only seemed fitting, don’t you agree?

Steven and Natalie, this glimpse into your wedding day is such a perfect example of what you display to those around you. You want people to feel loved, you want people to have fun and you want them to know how deeply you care for them–so much so that you set aside time and energy to choreograph a truly epic first dance for your wedding guests!

May you place the same level of love, energy, and FUN into each and every day of your marriage. Heck, I challenge you to bust out this choreographed routine each and every anniversary as a simple reminder of your love for life and each other... just make sure to move the coffee tables out of the way first!

Your day was an absolute blast to capture and each and every detail was perfect! We hope you’ll look back on your wedding gallery and remember your commitment to each other, remember those that are in your corner, and when life gets crazy, just stop and have a living room dance party!

Thanks again, we love you guys!!!

The OUTSTANDING Vendor Team:

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💐: Lisa Hochstetler 🎂: Cake-aholics 🔊: Pro DJ Party 👰🏼: Lulu's Bridal 👗: Molly's Bridal 🤵🏻: Stardust Celebrations


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