• Rob Greene

Craig + Morgan | Milestone Aubrey Wedding, Dallas, TX

Six words. Six teeny, tiny words. It's amazing the power held by our words, and when Craig heard these six words, his eyes filled with tears. His lip trembled. He gently bit his lip to stop the trembling. All his heart's affection was locked on his bride, but in this moment, it was the officiant who had captured his attention with these... six... words:

"Son... I'm SO proud of you."

Craig's father went on to recount the first time he held his son's tiny frame in his hands as a newborn, recounting his reaction to seeing those tiny feet for the first time. He spoke tenderly of his son. With tremendous affection. Pride. Joy. He offered words of life and blessing over his son, his courageous groom, as he stood at the altar, ready to marry the woman of his dreams. His bride. His wife.

Across from Craig, Morgan stood radiantly. Her joy was unsuppressable. Her beauty shining so brightly no darkness could put it out. If you know Morgan, you know she brings a presence of undeniable peace and joy and with her wherever she goes. The peace we'd already witnessed all afternoon, as she got ready to stand before her groom. Now, it was the joy taking over, as her smile shined so big and bright I'm certain you could see it from the next town over.

When I think back on Craig and Morgan's Big Day, I will always remember the peace and joy that permeated every facet of their day. But most importantly was the source of their peace and joy, which is so evidently found in Jesus. And all throughout their wedding weekend, it was obvious that their faith in Jesus was so clearly instilled in them by their families. With a foundation of faith like this, it was only fitting that Craig's father, a pastor, be the one to officiate Craig and Morgan's wedding, offering words of blessing over his son – and now daughter – as they began their forever together.

Craig and Morgan, thank you for allowing me to join in your and your families' faith journey as you walked the road to "I Do". I'm so challenged by your faith, and encouraged by the fruit that faith has produced in your lives. As a wedding photographer, some weddings we're fortunate enough to walk away with not just happy clients, but new friends in life. I'm grateful for you both, and cheering you on as you walk through life together as husband and wife!

The LEGENDARY Vendor Team:

📸: Square 8 Studio

🎥: Jacob Phillips Visuals

💒: Milestone Mansion, Aubrey

📋: Milestone Mansion, Aubrey

💐: Kathy Hollingsworth

🎂: Alisa Petersen

☕️: Nightowl Coffee Cart

🔊: Ed Petty for LeForce Entertainment

💄: Marbles Beauty

👰🏼: Blushing Bride

👗: Dessy Group

🤵🏻: The Black Tux


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