• Rob Greene

Josh + Marissa | Gleneagles Country Club Wedding, Dallas, TX

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

He looked at this father. Inhaled deeply. Then exhaled. Breathe in, breathe out. There was a nervous excitement on his face. One by one, men flooded in to the room, surrounding Josh, who anxiously awaited the beginning of a Jewish wedding tradition known as the Tish ceremony. We've shot many Jewish weddings before, but this was our first Tish ceremony, and our team had no idea what a POWERFUL moment we were about to witness!

Over the next half hour, these men laughed together. Sang together. Danced together. And man after man looked Josh in the eye, speaking words of life, encouragement, and blessing over Josh and impending marriage to Marissa, the love of his life. As our team listened, watched, and captured these moments, I couldn't help but think: in a world where so many kids are growing up without fathers, what a blessing for Josh to be surrounded in this moment not only by his father, but his soon-to-be father-in-law, and a room full of men from multiple generations who believe in him and are fighting for him, and for his marriage.

Josh and Marissa, what you have together is truly special. And part of what makes your relationship so special is the AMAZING support system of family you have around you. The two of you are full of life, and joy, and energy (hello, dance floor!) and I couldn't have been more honored to capture your day for you! Marissa, I'm so thankful for WeWork causing our paths to cross, and eagerly look forward to the many years of friendship ahead of us!!!

Congratulations, y'all... we love you guys!!!

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