• Rob Greene

Jay + Corinne | Blacksmith Shop wedding in Macon, GA

She peeked out from around the corner. Her eyes twinkled under the cloudy afternoon sky. She grinned. There was an innocence to the way she looked at him. And there was a magnitude to the joy on her face when he turned around to greet her. He laughed, pulled her close, and kissed her on the cheek, his bushy beard tickling her face til she giggled. And what made this moment even more special was WHO this groom-to-be was embracing.

Not his bride-to-be.

A 3-year-old.

His new step-daughter.

To understand Corinne and Jay's beautiful love story, you need look no further than their wedding hashtag, #BooterPartyof3. From the beginning, Jay knew he'd be welcoming not one, but two beautiful young ladies into his world by marrying Corinne. The way Jay loves Corinne's daughter, Anya, is as much a part of why she loves him, as the off-the-wall hilarious sense of humor they share.

"I would wipe this man's butt when he is 90 and clean food from between if I had to," she confessed the first time we talked. "I love him, with all my heart."

Now that's a love that's ready to stand the test of time!

And so it came to be, in the quiet moments before Corinne and Jay would say "I do" to a lifetime together, that Jay got to share this special moment with the OTHER precious gal that had captured his heart. It was just the first of several moments these two would share together that day, from waiting at the front of the aisle for Corinne, to sharing a special first dance to "Beauty and the Beast," a moment that left us all in

And little did we all know, that shortly after saying "I do," Jay and Corinne would be finding out some more exciting news... #BooterPartyof3 is going to be #BooterPartyof5 later this year!!!

Jay and Corinne, from our very first conversation, I was certain of two things: (1) there is something remarkably special about y'all, and (2) we were going to have a BLAST serving you guys through your engagement season and wedding day. I love the way y'all love each other. The way you share the honest truth with each other as effortlessly as you share laugh-til-you-cry moments of hilarity. The way you both light up when you see each other. And the way you both light up even more when you see your little girl. Thanks for allowing us to capture your Big Day. We are forever fans of you guys!!! We love you!!!

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