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Brennan + Shannon | Dove Ridge Vineyard Wedding Photography, Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

She peeked her head around the corner. She grinned when she saw him. His back was turned to her as he waited for her in the open field. It was as though a tractor beam were pulling them together as she walked in his direction.

Twenty yards away, he anxiously anticipated seeing his bride for the first time on their wedding day.

Having met while both playing soccer in college, Brennan and Shannon covered a lot of ground on the pitch, but surely no distance they covered during their years of playing could have seemed longer, or more exciting, than the walk she was making in his direction.

10 yards. His smile widened more with each passing second. He couldn't see her, but his heart leapt, knowing she was getting closer by the moment.

5 yards. Her grin grew more and more playful with each step. After all, she could see him, but he could not yet see her. Her grin was an almost giddy, childlike grin... the kind of grin electrified by deep, passionate love.

She called to him. He turned around. Their eyes met. Somehow his smile grew wider. Which, if you've spent any time around Brennan, you know is really saying something, because this guy is beaming everywhere he goes. This moment was not just any moment, though. This was the moment he got to behold his bride, his love, for the first time on their wedding day.

They embraced. Time stood still. They laughed. Kissed. Danced. Twirling around beneath a late afternoon sun, their eyes locked on each other.

This was such a great picture of Brennan and Shannon's wedding day: full of laughter, huge smiles, and an air of peace all around. Some couples find wedding days stressful; these two seemed to possess that same sense of wonder and excitement we all had on Christmas morning as kids, anxiously awaiting to run downstairs and see what Santa had brought. And their sense of peace and wonder was contagious, spreading to all their friends and family as well!

Brennan and Shannon, I love the way the friendship you've built over their years of dating permeates your relationship. There's a richness and innocence to the way you love each other. And that friendship will no doubt serve as a bedrock foundation for their marriage in the years ahead. You two are such a fun-loving, easy-going couple, it's hard not to feel like instant family in your presence. Thank you for allowing us the honor of capturing your wedding day! We love you guys!!!

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