• Rob Greene

Kevin + Emily | Cotton Mill Wedding, McKinney, TX

Ask Emily Boden what the favorite part of her wedding day was, and she has a hard time narrowing down to just one moment that outshined the others, because her day was Just. That. Perfect.

Ask her husband, Kevin, and he'll tell you his answer before you finish the question:

"It was the moment I first saw her as she came down the aisle."

It would be hard for anyone in attendance to disagree.

Kevin is your classic American man: strong, confident, hardworking and kind. And he married his classic American dream girl: beautiful, joyful, gracious and radiant. And when strength and beauty collided in that moment Emily started walking down the aisle, it was beauty that won the day, as there was no amount of strength that could hold back the overwhelming emotion that burst forth on Kevin's face as he grinned from ear to ear. The night sky above the McKinney Cotton Mill was illuminated by her radiance, and the look on Kevin's face said it all: he was marrying a woman who was everything he'd always dreamed of, and so much more!

Kevin and Emily, thank you for sharing your special day with us! From our first conversation together, I knew y'all were gonna be a TON of fun (although I had NO IDEA how much fun to expect at your reception - what a party!). But the thing that stands out to me from our time together is how well you balance all your passion and energy with a real tenderness towards each other and those you love. Strength is so much more than size, Kevin, and often expressed through its ability to be gentle and caring, which you do for Emily so well. And Beauty is so much more than appearance, Emily... and yours shines brightest in the way you love your people! We are honored to have walked with you over the past year, and look forward to celebrating your love story as it journeys onward! And yes... we are DEFINITELY looking forward to our next dance party together!

The Stellar Vendor Team:

📸: Square 8 Studio

💒: McKinney Cotton Mill

📋: Jennifer Hodges

💐: Flor by Melissa

🎂: Market Street

🔊: Last Night Out

👰🏼: Bridal Boutique Lewisville

👗: Beside the Bride

🕺: Men's Wearhouse

💡: Uptown Sound

🎷: Alex Styers

🍽: Pappasito's

🍻: Last Night Out


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