• Rob Greene

Adam + Alex | Marty Leonard Chapel Wedding

He walked over to the corner. Knelt down. Rummaged through a bag, looking for something. But what?

Across the room she sat. Waiting for him. Nervous anticipation on her face. In fact, the whole room of reception attendees looked on, waiting to see what this groom was digging around for.

Adam popped up from his spot on the floor, and spun around to greet his new bride, Alex, and retrieve her garter... wearing SCUBA GEAR.

Don't let the hilarity of the moment fool you, though: for as goofy and fun as Adam and Alex are, both together and apart, they are as kind and selfless a couple as you'll ever meet. I'll never forget the night of their engagement session, when I got a flat tire in between locations, and they stuck around after the session ended so that Adam could change my tire for me. Or the night they stopped by around Christmas last year to drop off the coolest "Camera Lens Coffee Mug" as a gift for their photographer. Seriously, what?! That's just who these two are, though: caring, thoughtful, and compassionate at their very core.

When wedding day rolled around, these two were ready. Alex, being a meticulously detailed planner, had every detail of the day mapped out for all their family and wedding party – a photographer's dream – and a beautiful overcast sky provided the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of stunning photos outside the historic Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth, before finishing off the evening with a horse-drawn carriage as they made their grand exit for the night!

Adam and Alex, you guys were a dream to work with! I love the high attention to detail you put in to your day, and how every detail – from the personalized airplanes on the tables, to the KILLLLLER cake, cannoli, and donut table – was executed to perfection, and helped tell the story of who y'all are and what you're about. But mostly, I'm just thankful to be able to call you friends. Y'all are wonderful, kind, generous people, and it was an honor to serve you on your Big Day! Congratulations... love you guys!!!


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